What are the COLOR LEVELS?

Color levels are the touches that any color can have. In the LED visualization field kept into consideration the color levels of the three primary colors: Red, Green and Blue. The number of color levels define the number of touches needed to pass from the lowest level (turned off) to the highest (lighted at maximum power). It is obvious that higher are the number of touches available, higher is the quality and the naturalness of the visualized image.

What is the 16 BIT TECHNOLOGY?

Displays utilizing a 8 bit technology, that degrades the image during the video elaboration phase, are able to visualize 256 color levels for each of the three primary colors. This means that are able to visualize 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,8 millions colors in total. INA Display instead utilize a 16 bit technology for each color that allows to manage the video without altering the quality in a perceptible way (so the human eye does not notice it). After this elaboration (called Gamma Correction) it is possible to visualize 65,000 color levels for each of the three primary colors. This means that it is possible to visualize 65,000 x 65,000 x 65,000 = 280 trillions colors in total.


It is the difference between the light emitted by the display and the environmental light reflected by the screen surface. Minor is the light reflected, higher is the contrast and therefore the cleanliness and naturalness of the images. To increase the contrast, INA Display solutions are provided with particular anti-reflex flyers that split the light and reflect it in different directions, increasing the visibility of the screen even in direct Sun light.

Why is the PURE WHITE created with THREE LEDs of different colors?

Because the human eye has three types of receptors for the vision during the day and each one of them correspond to a primary color. Any other color is the result of the simultaneous stimulation of these three types of receptors, after a phenomenon called addition synthesis (that mix the chromatic components captured by the eye). The mix of the three primary colors, in different percentages, therefore generates each color. The color of reference, the pure white, is obtainable mixing the primary colors in the percentage of about 50% green, 30% red and 20% blue. INA Display technology allows, varying these values, to obtain 280 billion colors. This huge palette is guarantee of a superior image quality and unbeatable visualization capacity

Is it possible to purchase a CUSTOM SIZE screen?

Of course, yes. Thanks to the INA Display modular design and state-of-the-art technology, there are no limits in shape, dimensions and definition. The only difference is the cost. That is the reason why INA Display always suggests its customers to optimize the screen size following the recommendations of our technical department.

Where can I find the SPARE PARTS?

For each screen, INA Display provides a number of spare parts sufficient to cover the ageing due to the normal usage, without any cost for the customer. Moreover, if it is the case, any reparation made within the warranty period will be totally free.

How much is the LED consumption?

The LED consumption depends on the Manufacturer, on the color and on the power that we supply to the diode. As indication we can say that a LED consumption is between 15 and 100 ma (milliampere) and its power can vary from 0,1 and 1 Watt.